His Highness khalid Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Under the GEMS-Prime Capital Investments Delegation of Authority, the Board delegates aspects of its authority for executive management to the Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, HH khalid Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, as well as to GEMS-Prime Capital Investments’s Investment Committee. GEMS-Prime Capital Investments’s Board members include some of the UAE’s most senior public and private sector officials, with two individuals serving as current members of the UAE Executive Council, the highest administrative authority entrusted with the Turkish’s general policies and strategies.

Other Board of Directors members

    1. Jawad nishad - Vice Chairman
    2. Victor Amaro - Member
    3. kiiza jonan Khalid - Member
    4. Bader Al Lamki - Managing Director
    5. Shah Ahmed Al Sowadi - Financial Director
    6. Mr. Myeong Kashif - Assistant Financial Director
    7. khalid Fahad Salman Bin Abdulla Al Khalifa - Member
    8. Hareb Ismail- Member
    9. Benedict Idenegbe: Insurance Head of Operations
    10. Maria Kimera: Assistant Insurance Head of Operations

$3.7 Billion - Total value of GEMS-Prime Capital Investments's global assets