To successfully select investment and manage our portfolio, we have put in place a framework that encompasses not only a step-by-step process but also a set of “ready-to-use” methodologies, tools and documents. This framework accelerates our business development and it helps our portfolio company to structure their approach and focus on their competences. Our framework is based on the cumulated experience of our team members who bring their own expertise in various fields such as business development, sales, marketing, technology, accounting or finance.


We are focused on identifying passionate, visionary entrepreneurs by leveraging our international networks, our team’s deep domain expertise in Mobility and Security and rigorously evaluating the opportunities via our unique assessment frameworks.


We get to know the entrepreneurs and the business. Supporting our portfolio companies in the development of a business and investment plan is a key priority for us to which we commit resources and time without reservations.


Our unique business-builder model has our team working along-side entrepreneurs to support and realize their vision with the appropriate capital investment, executive coaching, market and sales development and cross partner value creation. Internally, our back-office has robust frameworks and processes established that allow us to effectively monitor and manage our portfolio.


Our rich network delivers high value to our portfolio companies. From experienced executives to specialized engineers, we bring a vast pool of talent that our portfolio companies may require to accelerate growth. Our partner network along with our partner management toolkit enable the portfolio companies in building and sustaining valuable partnerships to generate expansion opportunities.


We support our portfolio companies to scale until they achieve market leadership.

$3.7 Billion - Total value of GEMS-Prime Capital Investments's global assets