Combining proven commercial expertise, effective partnerships, and a commitment to world-class operations, GEMS-Prime Capital pursues oil and gas exploration and production in 12 countries across the eastern hemisphere.
The company builds on the UAE’s hydrocarbons expertise to develop, manage and operate projects distinguished by the highest technical and safety standards. Its aim is to generate strong financial returns and contribute to diversity and security of supply in meeting the UAE’s growing energy demand.
Our Oil & Gas expertise and longstanding industry relationships make us a preferred provider of capital, with a $4.6 billion Oil & Gas investment portfolio as of 12/31/16. We offer a variety of financing options along with the ability to fund entire transactions and serve as a single-source lender, delivering a quicker closing, post-closing continuity and a certainty of execution.

Capital that spans the energy value chain
We provide capital to companies and management teams across the energy value chain including oil and gas exploration and production, midstream, energy services, energy infrastructure projects and utilities.

Structural Characteristics (B)
Investment grade and below investment grade debt; typically, fixed-rate, long-term senior notes with select interest in floating-rate financing

  • Secured or unsecured financing ability
  • Tenor beyond traditional bank market capacity
  • Junior capital: mezzanine and select equity investment capacity

Typical Size (B)

  • Senior Debt: $10 - $3bn
  • Mezzanine Debt: $10 – $1bn
  • Equity: $10 - $500 million

$3.7 Billion - Total value of GEMS-Prime Capital Investments's global assets