GEMS-Prime Capital Insurance is an arm of the GEMS-Prime Capital Investments which was specially organized and established to solve and reduce investment risks of all levels and magnitude

GEMS-Prime Capital Insurance’s founding members consist of key investors including Dubai Islamic Bank, NBAD, Insurance Europe, Federal Reserve, HH HH khalid Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan,and other key Institutions and High rank Private Investors, e.t.c . The company also includes numerous shareholders. The GEMS-Prime Capital Insurance aims to offer a comprehensive, Special and Unique system of outstanding Financial Insurance Services that support the stability and security of our Clients.

GEMS-Prime Capital Insurance activities are conducted in accordance with National guidelines under the supervision of Top Insurance Associations and professionals. GEMS-Prime Capital Insurance Services is not for everybody. GEMS-Prime Capital Insurance Maintains a Close door operation and only renders its services to Clients/partners reffered by Board Members of GEMS-Prime Capital Investments.


GEMS-Prime Capital Insurance possesses a unique know-how in issues related directly or indirectly to insurance and financial intermediation.

Together with national member associations throughout Europe and thanks also to its close contacts to UAE and the wider world through the World Federation of Insurance Intermediaries, GEMS-Prime Capital Insurance is in a unique and special position to inform its national member associations and the European practitioners on developments.
GEMS-Prime Capital Insurance goals are defined by its General Assembly and Steering Committee and are accomplished through efforts and initiatives developed and implemented through GEMS-Prime Capital Insurance committees and working groups, in close cooperation with its UAE based affiliates


GEMS-Prime Capital Insurance Specialty Lines Department meets the needs of Investment Professionals and their partners. GEMS-Prime Capital Insurance Specializes in providing various types of Investment bonds for securing Loans & Equity for indigenous & International based projects which is a leading investment Platform in United Arab Emirates and UAE dedicated to providing corporate, entrepreneurs and investors
with a wide range of investment bonds for loans security and strategic advisory services.

$3.7 Billion - Total value of GEMS-Prime Capital Investments's global assets