GEMS-Prime Capital Investments is investing in a global portfolio of world-class information and communications technology assets, and providing high-tech employment opportunities in IT, technology, telecoms, and satellite operations.

GEMS-Prime Capital constantly monitors the pulse of the telecommunications industry and anticipates critical change. From shifting technology and consumer demands to legislation and regulatory policy, our team actively participates in the telecommunications sector and understands the many complexities facing the industry. Cable providers, wireless carriers, cooperatives, and ILECs consider GEMS-Prime Capital Investments a trusted and valued financial advisor.

Our team brings strong insight and fundamental skills to the telecommunication industry, capitalizing on opportunities, risks and imbalances within the markets. An in-depth understanding of industry challenges and opportunities drives our strategic advisory services, including advice on restructuring, private equity and debt placements, and mergers & acquisitions. GEMS-Prime Capital has arranged the successful sale of and completed valuations in transactions ranging from small, individual transactions, to large complex multi-entity engagements.

Typical Size (B)

  • Senior Debt: $5 - $1bn
  • Mezzanine Debt: $5 – $500 million
  • Equity: $5 - $200 million


$3.7 Billion - Total value of GEMS-Prime Capital Investments's global assets