GEMS-Prime Capital Investments invests throughout the capital structure in a diversified portfolio of global public and private securities, pursuing a value oriented investment approach with a primary focus on the creation of long-term value and a bias towards capital preservation.

GEMS-Prime Capital Investments raises capital for clients, and distributes loans and other debt and equity products to investors. Our Investment management team is responsible for structuring, pricing and distributing all financial products originated by GEMS-Prime Capital Investments.

Products & Services:

  1. Risk management products
  2. Senior debt transactions
  3. Interest rate swaps
  4. Debt & equity private placements
  5. Asset backed debt transactions
  6. Underwritten solutions
  7. Leveraged finance insight, guidance and intelligence
  8. Second lien loans
  9. Project finance

Typical Size (B)

  • Senior Debt: $5m - $5bn
  • Mezzanine Debt: $5m – $2.5bn
  • Equity: $5m - $1bn

$3.7 Billion - Total value of GEMS-Prime Capital Investments's global assets